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It lowers cholesterol

Recent studies have shown that coconut oil helps our body metabolize cholesterol faster. This results in lower overall cholesterol levels.

It is a fountain of youth

Coconut oil stimulates the thyroid gland. When the thyroid works properly, it uses cholesterol to make chemicals that are vital for preventing disease and also slow down the aging process.

It may help you lose weight

Coconut oil helps improve thyroid function. A thyroid that isn’t working properly is one of the main causes of obesity.

It can prevent cancer

Studies have shown the occurrence of cancer to be lower, and in some cases nonexistent in areas that rely on saturated oils.

It prevents infections

Coconut oil contains 40% lauric acid. Providing your body with these chemicals improves your immune system and you get sick less often.

It improves digestion

Coconut Oil improves digestion and absorption of other nutrients including vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

Belize coconut oil
Belize Coconut Water


Packaged with the delicate taste of pure coconuts straight from the tree, Grace Coconut Water is the ultimate thirst quencher and is a great hydrator.

It’s the perfect sports drink:

  1. Natural electrolytes
  2. Low in calories
  3. High in potassium
  4. High in calcium and magnesium
  5. Contains Antioxidants, amino acids, & cytokinins


A Caribbean favorite, Grace Coconut Milk is another must have ingredient for most Belizean and West Indian recipes. Grace Coconut Milk adds authentic creamy flavour to Caribbean delicacies, curries and other savoury meals.

Coconut milk can improve cholesterol and triglyceride levels and studies suggest that coconut milk may reduce inflammation, decrease ulcer size and fight viruses and bacteria that cause infections

Belize Coconut milk


Coconut Chicken Soup


Grace Curry Potatoes


Grace Rice and Beans Medley


Chicken Curry in Grace Coconut Milk


Grace Taco Salad


Grace Creamy Baked Lion Fish


Grace Jerk Fish With Stir Fried Vegetables

Grace Jerk Fish With Stir Fried Vegetables Grace Jerk Fish1 Lb Fish Fillet2 Tbsp Grace Jerk Seasoning1 Sachet Malher Garlic Powder½ Cup Grace Vegetable Oil2 LimeStir Fried Vegetables½ Small Onion (Diced)½ Small Sweet Pepper (Diced)½ Small Tomato (Diced)2 Springs Cilantro (Finely Cut)½ Cup Cauliflower (Cut In Bite Size Pieces)½ Cup Broccoli (Cut In Bite Size Pieces)1 Tbsp Malher Consome4 Tbsp Grace Coconut OilBeans1 Can Malher Refried Beans½ Small Onion (Diced)2 Springs Cilantro (Finely Cut)Grace Coconut Oil Grace Jerk FishWash Fish And Squeeze Lime Juice Over It.Place Fish Fillet In A Bowl.Add Malher Garlic Powder And Grace Jerk Seasoning.Rub Over Each Piece Of Fish.Heat Pot On Medium And Add Grace Vegetable Oil.Place Fish In Oil And Fry On Both Sides For About 5 Minutes Or Until Brown And Cooked Through. Remove Fried Fish From Oil And Place In A Plate.Stir Fried VegetablesHeat Frying Pan On Medium And Add Grace Coconut Oil.Stir [...]

Seasoned Rice from Antigua


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