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Stag is an European style lager. It is a pale golden straw colour with a rich head formation. It is a light-bodied beer. Stag has a dry finish, which results in a crisp flavor and a clean finish. Aroma tends to drift towards fermented ester fruitiness, with a gentle yet assertive hop bitterness. It’s reputation for providing consistent quality and a distinct superb great taste, sought by young adult makes, earns this beer the legend – “A Man’s Beer”


Grace 100% Colombian Coffee


Now available in 200g, 100g & 50g.  Choose the size that works for you. Grace 100% Colombian Coffee, made in Colombia, is considered among the finest coffee regions around the world. Naturally Freeze Dried to preserve the flavor and aroma to make that perfect cup of coffee that you deserve. 


Springtime Dishwashing Liquid


New addition to the Springtime Line of products. New and improved. Available in 425ml & 750ml.  Spring Blossom, Evergreen, Fresh Lemon and Green Apple Scent.  Tough on grease but soft on hands.  Enjoy Springtime all the time.


Springtime Disinfectant


Another New addition to the Springtime Line of products. Springtime Disinfectant is an all-purpose cleaner. It kills 99% of household germs.  Available in 450ml, 750ml & 4.9L.  Cherry Blossom, Pine Forest, Ocean Breeze and Lavender Scent.  Enjoy Springtime all the time.


Grace Tomato Ketchup Pouch


Grace Tomato Ketchup, in a re-sealable pouch.  Now you can take your Grace Ketchup anywhere.  Great for kids.  Same great taste and quality you love.  Available in 10oz & 20oz




Grace Coconut Milk Powder 25g


Grace Coconut Milk Powder 25g sachet is great for smaller portions cooking.  It is half the size of the regular Coconut Milk Powder sachet.  Enjoy great coconut taste and flavor at your convenience.


Grace Coconut Milk Powder 300g


Cooking a big meal?  Grace Coconut Milk Powder 300g is here for you.  Enjoy great coconut taste and flavor at your convenience.


Grace Baking Powder


Grace Baking Powder comes in a convenient 10g Sachet (approximately 3 teaspoons). Wonderful and convenient for all your baking needs. Get forty (40) sachets per box.  Grace Baking Powder, fresh when you need it.  After All it is another fine product brought to you by Grace.

Grace Salad Cream

Grace Salad Cream and its great, new look is perfect for those special Sunday Meals or for everyday use in your favorite egg sandwich and other recipes. Grace Salad Cream has a smooth rich texture and a delicious tangy taste. After all it is another fine product from Grace.

PA Benjamin OTC Line

Click here for brochure.


Go Insect Repellent for Kids

Protects you from those pesky biting insects like mosquitos, sand flies, chiggers, ticks and fleas!


Luncheon Meat

Now Available, Grace Chicken Luncheon Meat is a great addition to your favorite recipe. It is ready to eat. Wonderful for Snack, Breakfast, Lunch and Supper.  Also available Grace Ham & Pork Luncheon Meat and Grace Pork & Chicken Luncheon Meat. 

Potted Meat

Made with Chicken & Beef, ready to eat, convenient & delicious. Big taste in a little can.

Mackeson Stout

Mackeson Triple Stout is a full bodied milk stout that is "not too sweet and not too bitter" with alc/vol: 4.9%.

Mackeson Triple Stout has a "creamy" characteristic that makes the beer so different to the more widely known "dry stouts" and ensures the continuing popularity of consumers around the world.

Its distinctive red, black and silver branding on all packaging signals the strength and power of the brand.

Springtime Bleach

New addition to the Springtime Line of Products, Springtime Bleach.

Springtime Bleach is a Concentrated formula, so you require less to get the job done. Available in Regular and Lemon Scent.

Springtime Bleach is an effective deodorizer and stain remover it allows you to use one product for many cleaning purposes.

Enjoy Springtime year round.

PA Benjamins flavorings

PA Benjamins flavorings

A range of food flavorings and colourings.
They give a world of flavors to cakes,
frostings, breads and many other pastries.

Pork and Chicken Luncheon Meat

Grace Pork & Chicken
Luncheon Meat

 Click to download informational sheet



Springtime Detergents


Grace Coconut Milk Powder

Now in 1KG presentation.




Dala Joos

A refreshing blend of fruit flavors.

Grace 100% Colombian Coffee

Grace 100% Colombian Coffee made in Colombia is considered among the finest coffee regions around the world. Naturally Freeze Dried to preserve the flavor and aroma to make that perfect cup of coffee that you deserve.


Grace Coconut Water

Grace Coconut Water is the ultimate thirst quencher and is a great refresher. It brings to you the natural goodness of the tropics. Try Grace Coconut Water with or without pulp for a revitalizing healthy refreshment.



Grace Sweetened Condensed Milk

Grace Sweetened Condensed Milk is perfect for your hot drinks, cold shakes, oatmeal, and cereal, or for baking in your favorite desserts for a delicious rich taste. Grace Sweetened Condensed Milk had 0% Cholesterol and Trans Fat.




Grace Full Cream Condensed Milk

Excellent for desserts.  Grace Filled Condensed Milk still available for your Coffee, Cereal and Tea.


Grace Luncheon Meat

Grace Ham & Pork Luncheon Meat makes the perfect sandwich, but it is also a great addition to any meal. Cold, hot, by itself or in a casserole, Grace Ham & Pork Luncheon Meat is delicious and versatile.






Grace Tomato Ketchup

Grace Tomato Ketchup...


Grace Habanero Pepper Sauce

Grace Habanero Pepper Sauce is made from select Habanero Peppers an eruption of delicious fiery hot goodness. Grace Habanero Pepper sauce is perfect to spice up you favorite recipe or splash a little on your meals to heat things up.



Grace Vegetable Oil

Grace Vegetable Oil

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