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About GraceKennedy (Belize) Ltd.


To satisfy the unmet needs of Caribbean and Central American people, wherever they live in the world.

Our Mission

We will grow long term shareholder value by satisfying the unmet needs of Belizeans & other Central American and Caribbean people, through partnerships and alliances with customers to achieve timely delivery of desired products to the end consumer, all delivered by great people empowered with the right skills, necessary tools, shared vision and passion.

Our Values

  • My Word is my Bond
  • The Promise that is Kept
  • Ethics and Integrity
  • Respect and Consideration
  • Commitment
  • Openness


GraceKennedy (Belize) Limited was established and commenced operation January of 1982 as a subsidiary of GraceKennedy & Company Limited of Kingston, Jamaica. (See also www.gracefoods.com). GraceKennedy & Company Limited owns 66 2/3 % of GraceKennedy – Belize, while the remaining 33 1/3% is owned by Roberto Espat Sr. and family.

Organizational Structure

The company employs a total of forty eight persons and is organized into four functional areas, namely Finance and Administration, Customer Service and Sales, Warehousing and Distribution, Brand Management and New Product Development. Click for information on job opportunities.
Belize Food DistributersCommunity Involvement

Over the years the company has developed an image of being a responsible corporate citizen with a social conscience. Based on the philosophy of giving something back from whence it came. The company has forged a relationship of mutual respect with the community by providing assistance and support in areas such as education, sports, health, culture etc. Click for more about our community involvement.



Belize Food Distributers



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2 ½ Miles Philip Goldson Highway • P.O. Box 557 • Belize City, Belize • 501-223-0572 • gkb@gracekennedybelize.com

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