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Stag is an European style lager. It is a pale golden straw colour with a rich head formation. It is a light-bodied beer. Stag has a dry finish, which results in a crisp flavor and a clean finish. Aroma tends to drift towards fermented ester fruitiness, with a gentle yet assertive hop bitterness. It’s reputation for providing consistent quality and a distinct superb great taste, sought by young adult makes, earns this beer the legend – “A Man’s Beer”

Shandy Carib

Shandy Carib is a tropical light alcoholic beverage (1.2% alc./vol.) that promises to refresh and excite the taste buds with local flavours. 

Shandy Carib was first introduced in 1985. It was originally brewed in Ginger then followed by the Sorrel flavour. In November 1998, a Lime flavour was introduced to the Shandy Carib family.

Shandy Carib is cool, vibrant and a fun beverage for social situations and relaxation – beach events, night clubs and lounges, family days and other social gatherings.

Shandy Carib is aimed at responsible young adults and the “young at heart,” who aspire to be trendy and cool, and are socially and physically active. “Making the most of the moment” with Shandy Carib.


Ginger Shandy

Ginger Shandy is an exciting blend of the natural ginger root extract and beer. It has a crisp ginger taste that is carefully balanced with a slight, sweet note and beer flavour without any after taste.


 Lime Shandy

Lime Shandy can be described as having a pleasant citrus, fruity, tangy and refreshing taste, with a fresh lemon-lime aroma and taste.

It has a balance of sweetness and beer flavour without any aftertaste.


 Sorrel Shandy

Sorrel Shandy is a blend of sorrel extract and beer. Its flavour can be described as a pleasant, sweet, smooth, refreshing sorrel flavour, carefully balanced sweet note and beer flavour.


Gloria Milk

Drink your way to good health by drinking Gloria Milks. Available in skimmed or semi-skimmed presentations.


Carib Beer

Carib is a lager of European origin. It is a pale golden straw colour with a rich head formation. It is slightly aromatic, with a neutral balance between malt and hops, sweet and bitter. Medium-bodied mouth-feel leads directly to a semi-dry finish with only a hint of bitterness. No accented hop or malt character. Refreshing drinkability for a parched and thirsty palate. Diacetyl should not be perceived. Carib is brewed using sugar as an adjunct.


Mackeson Stout

Mackeson is a full-bodied milk stout that is “not too sweet and not too bitter,” with alc/vol: 4.9%. It has strong and distinctive values that appeals to a multi-ethnic society, communicating energy, stamina, masculinity, smoothness and session ability.


Dala Joos

A refreshing blend of fruit flavours.


Grace 100% Colombian Coffee

Grace 100% Colombian Coffee made in Colombia and is considered the finest coffee regions around the world. Naturally Freeze Dried to preserve the flavour and aroma to make that perfect cup of coffee that you deserve.


Grace Instant Chocolate

With Grace Instant Chocolate it's easy to make your own creamy hot chocolate mix. Simply mix with water or milk for a delicious hot beverage.


 Roma Cocoa

Roma Cocoa is a chocolate powder that's perfect for making a hot cup of chocolate milk or adding in recipes that call for cocoa mixes.


Grace Coconut Water

Grace Coconut Water is the ultimate thirst quencher and is a great refresher. It brings to you the natural goodness of the tropics.Try Grace Coconut Water with or without pulp for a revitalizing healthy refreshment.


Grace Syrup

Grace flavoured syrups are versatile. Use as great mixers- served straight from the bottle as an ingredient, or diluted to taste as a drink. Grace syrups also make scrumptious dessert toppings.


Yus Drink

Refresh yourself with Yus real fruit drink. Available in a variety of flavours for the whole family to enjoy.


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